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I'm Madda and here you can find all the fanlistings I join and mantain. Feel free to take a look around, and if you like any of the subjects, please consider joining! :)
- I currently own 21 fls, for a total of 2860 (+ 3 ) fans
- I joined 375 fanlisting: the latest one was Weather/Seasons/Time: Sunsets
- Newest fanlisting: Angelina Jolie physical


Last Updates
January 06, 2009
Violet has made a new layout for Kurt Cobain physical fanlisting. Thank you so much dear! <3


December 27, 2008
Mistress-sama has donated tree new codes for Raphael fanlisting. Go and have a look ^^


November 26, 2008
Claudine has donated tree new codes for Hisashi Mitsui fanlisting. Go and have a look ^^


August 29, 2008
New layout for White Animals fanlist, a new skin and a few new codes for Warm Colours.
I've also started to use a script for the codes, I'm working to convert all my fanlisting.


August 19, 2008
I've finished the about page of Roland fl. Also, White Animals got the award for 250 members.


June 07, 2008
Finally, I've moved over there all my fanlistings! There are still little bits that need to be fixed, but the most part of the work is done.


May 17, 2008
I've moved over there also Kato, Raphael, Mitsui, Takaba and Roland fls! Go and check them!


May 13, 2008
Finally, I'm starting to use my new site ^^ I've moved Alexiel's fl, check it!


February 20, 2008
Buon compleanno, Spotty!!

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